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Τ.Α.Α. LTD (Mechanics and Pilots) Τechnical Aviation Advisor | Υπηρεσίες Επισκευής & Συντήρησης Αεροσκαφών | Aviation Services & Aircraft Management


We provide the following services:

1. Airplane and Helicopter A.O.C. issue.

2. CAMO, PART-145, PART-147 & ATO permit issue.

3. Airplane & Helicopter pre-market inspection (Domestic - Abroad).

4. Airplane & Helicopter estimates.

5. Airplane and Helicopter maintenance.

6. Audits of Helicopters & Helicopters on an annual basis (AUDITS) at A.O.C. etc.

7. Provide quality control.

8. Airline Consultants.

9. We provide services related to AVIATION.